Dead Sea Museum

Dead Sea Museum

About The Dead Sea Museum in Arad

A museum space that combines the art and culture of the surrounding environment, aiming to raise awareness of the ecological crisis of the Dead Sea. The space portrays many contrasts: It combines an age-old tradition of desert construction with the latest technology,opening up to a breathtaking view and the need to protect from the harsh climate.

The first impression of the museum is of a structure with a crystalline appearance resembling an abstract salt crystal formation. The closer you look it becomes evident that the modern light interior construction shell was inspired by the salt crystal, allowing filtered light and natural ventilation to penetrate the open interior space. A photovoltaic panel system for self-generating electricity is concealed on the roof of the museum.

A perimeter terrace, offering a panoramic view of the Dead Sea, encompasses the museum’s interior space whose main features are selected spaces for the display of designated digital art. As a central part of the public and scenic perception, the building indicates a mostly shaded theater sloping eastward blending into the natural topography revealing to the public a powerful and breathtaking view.

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